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Due to sensitive nature of any computer work North Shore Computer Services Inc. privacy policy is NOT to share any information personal or otherwise with anyone.

North Shore Computer Services Inc. will NOT distribute any information such as Customer names, Addresses, Email to anyone.

Damaged hard drives that require data recovery will be cloned to a secure location. After the work is completed and delivered we will hold your data for no more than two weeks. After two weeks, all information is shredded, completely erased and cannot be recovered. This ensures that no personal information is held by North Shore Computer Services Inc. However, customers may request, in writing, or email, that their information is to be held longer for some specific reason. Damaged Hard Drives will be securely destroyed.

Documents, Music, Pictures, Favorites are considered very personal items on your computer and will be treated with respect and transferred in a secure manner.

Cloud backup services will transfer your personal files to an outside company. North Shore Computer Services Inc. ensures that we deal with respected companies that have high standards in security and privacy. None of your information will be viewed by anyone, unless there is a problem, or you, the customer, request your data. All information stored in a cloud is encrypted.

In a Remote Help Session only relevant information will be viewed by our professionals. No part of the remote session is recorded or viewed by any third party.